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Come to a meeting!

Beyond Coal is an organization within Students for Environmental Concerns. We meet every Wednesday 6:30 PM at the University YMCA located on Wright Street in Champaign (across from Lincoln Hall).
If you can’t make it at 6:30, email us and we can help you get involved.

Come to an event!

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Sign up for our Mailing List!

If you’re not sure what type of involvement you would like to have, you only want to come out to big events, or you just want to know what we’re up to all the time, email and ask to receive updates! (you can unsubscribe at any time, just put “I’m heartless and hate earth” in the subject line)

Sign our Petition!

If you are another organization:

We can present at your meeting!

If your group wants to hear a presentation on the use of coal, its consequences, and divestment as a student-led resistance movement to climate change, contact

We can collaborate on an event!

If you liked one of our presentations or rally events and want to work together on an event, contact


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