If you have questions, comments, or something you would like to discuss, feel free to contact any of our officers.

Unsure? Email the organization address and we can sort it out:


Caleb Brandmeyer, Co-President | Sophomore
in Biochemistry | 

MJ Oviatt, Co-President | Junior in Natural Resources and Environmental Science and Horticulture


Rebecca Vining, Co-President | Sophomore in Anthropology

Caleb, MJ, and Rebecca are responsible for managing the coal divestment movement on campus, overseeing and advising campaign chairs, coordinating with local and national clean energy campaigns, planning general and board meetings, and serving as representatives for UIUC Beyond Coal.

withghopHarry Mickalide, Staff & Faculty Outreach | Graduate Student in Physics |

Harry is our primary contact for Staff and Faculty supporting the UIUC Beyond Coal campaign and the broader divestment and climate justice movements.


Matt Martinez, Secretary | Sophomore in Psychology and Philosophy |




Laura Schultz, Co-Social Media Chair | Junior in Earth, Society, and Environmental Sustainability | 



Abbi Pstrzoch, Co-Social Media Chair | Freshman in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences |


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